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Dhrupad Music

Dhrupad is one of the oldest forms of Indian classical music, which was prevalent even through the early evolutionary phases. It is believed to have evolved from the chanting of OM or the primordial sound. The ultimate goal of Indian classical music has always been self-realization. Dhrupad too ascribes to this philosophy of introspection and is contemplative in nature. It is devotional, pure and spiritual, intending to connect the listener/singer to his higher self rather than seeking to entertain. It is meditative and that is why, the style of delivery of Dhrupad music is often sans ornamentation.

In the earlier days, it was used as a form of worship and hence, it was often performed in Temples.

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About Dhrupad Gurukul

At Dhrupad Gurukul, we worship the most ancient form of meditative music - Dhrupad.

Based in Pune, many students here are  learning Dhrupad on our specially invented bansuri (Curved Flute).

Dhrupad Gurukul also offers Online Batches.

Our Sessions at a glance

Dhrupad Gurukul is the perfect non-residential Gurukul where already many people, transcending the borders of profession, age, religions and locations, are learning dhrupad music – the flute or vocal (or even both!). Just give us a call and we will guide you on your journey of learning dhrupad music.

Flute classes in Pune
Flute Classes in Pune

Flute / Bansuri

Bansuri for Women

Dhrupad Vocal

Learn From Guru Sameer Inamdar

-At  Gurukul

- Online

Learn From Ms Laxmi

- Online

Learn From Guru Sameer Inamdar

- At Gurukul

- Online

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