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Who Are We?

Even in today’s times, Dhrupad music has stayed true to its original form and has maintained its purity. Through the ages, though it as gained popularity all over North India, Dhrupad music has not really caught on in Maharashtra. It is to serve this lacuna, and to make Dhrupad music and culture accessible to all music lovers that Dhrupad Gurukul took birth.

Learning Dhrupad Music 

Dhrupad is one of the most ancient forms of music from which all other forms of Indian music are derived, and is often considered the mother of all forms of music.

As you begin to learn Dhrupad music, you will realize the importance of the tanpura and voice culture. You will learn how voice (energy) or sound (Naad) can be generated from your lower abdomen (Muladhar Chakra) and conveyed to the Mashtishka (Sahasar Chakra), and how this sound/voice energy and resonance are utilised with respect to the tanpura.

To learn a Raga, it is important that we are alert and have attuned our ears to  recognise and differentiate between the micro notes or minute shades of swaras, as every Raga has its own shades of notes which make it unique. Every swara (musical note) starts to shine when it is placed properly at its actual location, with respect to the tanpura , and forms a massive energy. The sound or Naad and its resonance merge with the Tanpura from the different energy channels in our body and this process is called Naad Yoga. It deals with how our mind, body and spirit are impacted by sound vibrations.

Dhrupad is not just about presentation. It is a process of exploration and realisation of the self, and is most probably the reason why Swami Vivekananda practised it with so much reverence.


  Guru Shishya Parampara         

In learning music, pedagogy (teaching methodology) plays a vital role in shaping your experience as well as your quest for mastery. At Dhrupad Gurukul , we recognize this and therefore, we follow the Gurukul system of teaching. Also, discipline and devotion are essential to master the dhrupad style and we believe that this is best inculcated in the students by the use of the guru-shishya parampara for teaching.



Dhrupad Gurukul Flute Sessions   

We offer lessons in both the flute as well as vocal music. Classes are held during the weekends and in the evenings (during the weekdays) so that it is convenient for all learners to attend – whether you are a working professional, business person or student. You can enrol at Dhrupad Gurukul and become a part of this wonderful family. You don’t need any prior knowledge of music. All you need is devotion to music and a passion for learning.

We use the latest equipment when conducting classes. This means that you can obtain a high-quality audio recording of your class for your reference and practice. Existing students can find recordings of tasks, tanpuras and much more here.

Online Flute and Vocal Lessons

Modern technology has made the world a much smaller place and we are much more interconnected and closer than ever before. Consequently, learning dhrupad music and that too directly from renowned maestros is now just a click away.
International students can make use of our online lessons. So, if you are unable to physically come to the Academy, don’t despair ! You can still avail the advantages of technology and access our lessons from the comfort of your home.
Dhrupad Gurukul is the perfect non-residential Gurukul where already many people, transcending the borders of profession, age, religions and locations, are learning dhrupad music – the flute or vocal (or even both!). Just give us a call and we will guide you on your journey of learning dhrupad music.

Still have a question ,then please consider visiting FAQ section !

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