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Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Welcome to Dhurpad Gurukul

Oh, so you want to learn to play the flute? Sounds interesting let me help you. In the process of mastering any musical instrument, the first thing that comes to place is how you hold it properly. Other instruments might create sound but When it comes to flute you have to connect with it fully to produce swar. Physical, mental strength and absolute control over breath are important while playing it. Also, it might seem to be an ordinary musical instrument, but actually, a flute (bansuri)is the most difficult instrument to play and master. If you are a beginner good thing is we can gain strength and breath control with disciplined practice.

How this magical instrument creates sound? Unlike other instruments, while playing the flute it is very important to pay attention to the posture the wrong posture may cause discomfort and you may not be able to play the flute to its best potential.

How you hold the flute decides the quality of playing it in the best way. Especially in Komal Swars and Dhrupad music. It’s of utmost importance to hold the flute correctly and in a most scientific way.

Lets See…. It….


First, you need to seat in a proper posture seat down with your back straight and your shoulders back most preferably in siddhansana.

Now hold the flute so it is parallel to the ground. Position the blowhole below the bottom lip matching the center of the bottom lip with the center of the blowhole.

The flute should be angled eighty degrees inward, Now hold the flute on your thumbs, your thumbs should be in the same direction but positioned on the opposite side of the flute, this opposite force creates strong support and gives you great stability to hold the flute with just your thumbs.

In images, you can see the students can hold the flute on two thumbs with confidence and can even walk while holding it this way. As a beginner, you have to understand that flute is like a small kid if you don't pay enough attention and time it won't get along with you. For 1-2 days ,if you don't practice flute then you will observe that afterwards it won't play any sound easily.So daily practice in the right direction is a must. Learning the flute needs commitment and patience initially and after some time you see the magic beings.

For more details refer our video link

-Namrata Rathod


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