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 Students Speak

“Does Dhrupad Gurukul offer classes using the traditional Gurukul method? What is that experience like?”

“Is this the best place to learn flute in Pune?”

“Can I schedule classes as per my convenience? Does each student get personal attention? ”

“What if I have no prior music knowledge? Can I still enrol at Dhrupad Gurukul ? Will the Guru help me identify my weaknesses and overcome them while fine-tuning my strengths?”

“How are classes conducted at Dhrupad Gurukul ? Do they maintain timing? Are they professional? How can they help me?”

Are questions like these crowding your mind as you decide to sign up for Dhrupad flute or vocal classes at Dhrupad Gurukul , Pune? See for yourself what our former as well as existing students have to say about their experience with us.

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